Who We Are

“We founded Pathway Health Partners to help physicians practices deliver on the promise of preventative care. Personalizing each AWV experience means physicians gain the opportunity to proactively address chronic conditions, improving outcomes and extending the health and well-being of their patient populations.”

  • Ray Capp
    Ray Capp CEO

Company Timeline

Healthfuse is Born

Revenue cycle consultants build a focused practice helping hospitals strengthen and manage their vendor relationships

First Client Landed

Inaugural partnership with Mercy Medical Center is established to create the first Vendor Management Office (VMO) financed by the bottom-line improvements

Technology Platform Launched

First release of VendorMetrics™ a revenue cycle sourcing platform

$1 Million Savings Milestone

Healthfuse achieves the first $1 million in negotiated contract savings

AutoAudit added to Platform

Enhanced VendorMetrics to include AutoAudit the industry’s most comprehensive automated auditing solution for 100% of account-level collection activity

$100 Million Milestone

Healthfuse achieves $100 Million bottom-line improvement for hospital clients milestone

Future 50 X 3

Healthfuse recognized as a Future 50 Growth Company for 3rd consecutive year

Hospital Managed VMO

Partnership with West Virginia University Medicine to license the VendorMetrics platform creating a sustainable hospital-managed Virtual Management Office (VMO)

Vendor Source Knowledge Base Launched

Interactive reporting platform delivering industry benchmarks, vendor performance reporting, and insights into insourced rev cycle performance

$260 Million in Bottom Line Improvement

1.5 Billion outsourced patient accounts audited and more than $260 million in bottom-line improvement delivered to clients

Company Timeline

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Leadership Team

  • Chad Blackburn
    Chad Blackburn SVP Business Development
  • Mike Hassell
    Mike Hassell EVP
  • Leah Gilliam
    Leah Gilliam VP Operations
  • Dana Nelson
    Dana Nelson Controller
  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison CTO

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